Life is amazing, isn’t it? It just goes on. There are many moments we have in our life. Every situation is different from another. We keep ourself well, when we are happy, when we got what we worked for. But what about Hard Times we face in our life. It could be in Career, Relationship, Family etc or most important, in discovering ourself. It’s tough isn’t it?

Sometimes we are just so unsure about everything. Maybe because we have worked for something so well. We have given our all into that and even then, no outcome is coming. Then we started to feel maybe we should give up and live the life, as all other people are living. But we try to keep these thoughts away and we keep trying.

Let me tell you this,

Things that comes hard way in your life, are the one’s that lasts.

Things that comes easy way, they will get lost easily.

So if you are struggling through right now. Don’t lose faith. Make your way and show up daily. It will take time but you will eventually get there.

Embrace Hardships in your Life. As they helps you to grow. If you have lost few battles already, don’t worry because when you will win, it will be worth it. That one win will take care of all lost battles, which were learning lessons for us.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

~ Paulo Coelho

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