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Month: February 2019

Embrace Hardships in Life

Life is amazing, isn’t it? It just goes on. There are many moments we have in our life. Every situation is different from another. We keep ourself well, when we are happy, when we got what we worked for. But what about Hard Times we face in our life. It could be in Career, Relationship, Family etc or most important, in discovering ourself. It’s tough isn’t it? Sometimes we are just so unsure about everything. Maybe because we have worked for something so well. We have given our all into that and even then, no outcome is coming. Then...

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Must have Visual Studio Code Extensions for Laravel

Are you switching from PHP Storm, Web Storm or Sublime? I personally love  JetBrains’ IDEs and of course Sublime is amazing. I used both of them for many years now. But when ever I go online I look at people’s working on Visual Studio Code everywhere. I see people who make tutorials are using Visual Studios Code. I said to myself I have to give it a try. So I downloaded Visual Studio Code. Oh Man! It’s fast, if you don’t have it already, click here to get it. Now I can only keep using it, if it’s adding...

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Must Have iOS and Android Apps for 2019

Let’s look at must have essential apps for your mobile device. Personally I use a lot of apps and I categorize all apps into folders. So this is how my phone screen looks. I am sure, most of these app you must be already using. I will put those apps again in list anyway because of their awesomeness. Don’t worry I will also introduce you to some of new apps. Most of these apps have free versions and paid versions but if some app has a free version which is almost similar to paid version, I will just list...

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